Are anna kendrick and edgar wright still dating

24 Feb

Anna Cooke Kendrick is a gorgeous and comical American actress with a beautiful voice. Contrary to other female celebrities, Anna is quite open about her life and some of her personal issues. Anna Cooke Kendrick was born on the 9th of August in 1985 in the city of Portland, Maine.She has a blend of English, Scottish and Irish blood within her.However, her rise to fame was preceded by her role in the movie that kept us on our toes with excitement; “The Twilight Series”.From here, she started getting featured in more popular movies like Into the Woods and best of all, Pitch Perfect.

Anna Kendrick also confessed to having a crush on female celebrities such as Emily Blunt.

Anna and Edgar were together for more than four years, from 2009 till about 2013.

They met on the scene of the shooting of “Scott Pilgrim VS the world”.

In her memoir, she gave detailed accounts of her life as a celebrity which involved trying to keep up with relationships and other celebrities.

But then, Anna does seem to follow the Hollywood trend of dating co stars, although it was just one or two.