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18 Aug

Lavalife Lavalife became infinitely more interesting when its co-founder, Bruce Croxton, joined Dragons Den this past September (except to Brett Wilson devotees).

Toronto dating websites have always had me fascinated.

It felt like my fate and the fate of had become inextracitably linked, and I only had myself to blame.

On the air for only five months in 1969, centered on the crew of an old cruise ship.

Finally, a personality test that won't get you on the Toronto Scientology mailing list.

Ashley Madison Violating those marital vows has never been easier.

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Scott Storch -- ´╗┐the famed music producer who produced tracks for Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and a slew of others -- was worth million.And this week - I can barely believe I'm typing these words - it happened.While I'll admit to feeling vindicated - and I won't lie, vindication feels pretty goddamn good - I'm by no means happy we'll never hear .Given an unlimited budget and no deadline, could you spend the rest of your life locked in a perfectionist's jail, constantly terrified that the music you'll make next will be better than the music you've made so far, each passing day only becoming further justification to take your time, the pressure of expectation becoming suffocating until one day you realize decades have gone by and you're even farther away from the finish line than when you started?I only wanted Dre to say what seemed so blindingly obvious, that the album was never coming out, so he could start over and make a different great album and all the people who had written me, telling me that I was going to feel so fucking stupid when the album dropped*, vowing that their cousin's best friend's boyfriend had actually just sent in a reference track for the album and it was coming soon and I didn't know shit**, could move on with their lives and focus their energies on music that actually existed.